> Mailbox posts are all alike to keep a uniform appearance to the neighborhood per covenants.

> CLHA uses a local handyman (see below) to build and install at the owner’s expense.

> Posts may be made or purchased through another source but must be the same as the existing style and color.

> Nameplates are provided as a gift to a new homeowner.

> Upkeep is the owner’s responsibility. (Painting, repairs, replacement etc.)

> Paint information:

Custom color may be purchased at Gainesville Paint.

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CLHA has purchased a gallon as a courtesy for homeowners. 
Call Mary Lecture, (770) 361-3091, if you would like some for your post.


Humphrey Fraser

2451 Basin Drive

Phone - 770-480-0913

Post only, unpainted


Post, unpainted & installed 


Post, painted


Post, installed & painted


Nameplate, painted

 $25 (2 for $40)

House number plates, painted

 2 for $30

Re-paint mailbox and flag


Re-paint post