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> Posts are alike for a uniform appearance and per the neighborhood covenants.

> Posts may be made or purchased through another source but must be the same

   as the existing style and color.

> Nameplates are provided as a gift to a new homeowner.

> Upkeep is the owner’s responsibility. (Painting, repairs, replacement etc.)

> Paint information:

          - Custom color may be purchased at Gainesville Paint.

          - Filed in the store's computer under: Mike Wallace - Mailbox Post

          - CLHA has purchased a gallon as a courtesy for homeowners. 

          - Call Mary Lecture, (770) 361-3091, if you would like some for your post.

> When replacing posts please have your handyman follow these guidelines:

          - Use the post at 2434 Basin Dr. as a model to replicate placement, size and

            depth of the caps and grooves depicted in drawing (below).

          - Accurate measurements and using this model post for reference will avoid                    slight differences in style which have been appearing over time.

          - Template must be used for the name and numbers for uniformity.

> Nameplates are provided as a gift to new homeowners. Let us know if you would     like one.


Handymen for post work:

  • Mike Wallace  770-540-8351

  • Humphrey Fraser  770-480-0913

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