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The Chattahoochee Landing Homeowners Association (CLHA) was initially established by the developers of the area, Wayne Clark and Dale Clark on July 11, 1977.

Section One of our Subdivision, essentially the western portion of the site served 
principally by Bridgewater Drive, was the first area to be developed and consisted of 61 Lots. Section Two, the area served by a part of Bridgewater Drive (extended) and Basin Drive to the south, consisted of 42 Lots.

The protective covenants were adopted; “in the best interest, benefit and advantage of the owners and developers and to the benefit and advantage of each and every person who shall hereafter purchase and acquire any Lot in said Subdivision that certain protective covenants governing and regulating the use and occupancy of the same is established, fixed and set forth and declared to be covenants running with the land.”

The Covenants went on to state that the Clark's, as the Developers, retained the voting rights regarding the Association until they had sold “…30% of the Lots in all sections or phases of Chattahoochee Landing or within three years from the date of the first sale of a lot in Chattahoochee Landing whichever occurs first…” at which time the governance would be turned over to a group of homeowners who would enforce the covenants, “…to preserve, as far as practicable, the natural beauty, and to insure the best development of the property, and (c) to provide for the continuing maintenance and preservation of the common property…”.

Some of the first residents in the community included Mary Ann and Rex Shelton, Wayne and Vivian Chapman, Helen and Helmut Lieth, Leo and Lynne Whalen, and Bill and Marti Kimsey. These conscientious neighbors have served on the Board of Directors, and in several cases a number of times. They have also been instrumental in our neighborhood retaining its natural beauty and are also responsible for the preparation of this brief history of the Association.

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